Community Outreach Promoting Emergency (“COPE”) Preparedness a California 501c3 nonprofit organization (EIN 75-3231197).

COPE works with non-government community stakeholder sectors to obtain “in-kind” donations and services to provide critical emergency preparedness support services while maintaining standards of transparency, value, integrity and targeted results to address identified, validated needs.

COPE has the ability to serve as the primary point of coordination for public in-kind donations of supplies, equipment and services for local community government agencies during disasters and emergencies. COPE operates and maintains suitable warehouse space and required logistics services for collection, storage, dispersal and management of donated goods and services during disasters and emergencies.

COPE can serve as a point of coordination and communication regarding donations management processes and procedures during non-response period where local community government agencies are not activated.

COPE Partnerships
The Salvation Army SFV Corps
Buddhist Tsu Chi Foundation
HOPE Of The Valley
MEND Poverty

City Council District 3 Counciimember Bob Blumenfield

LAPD / LAFD Operations Valley Bureau (OVB)

Women In Homeland Security (WHS) Southern California

Honoring COPE Founder Lonna Calhoun

Lonna Calhoun, CEM

August 13, 1947- February 26, 2018
Emergency Management Consultant –
President at COPE Preparedness

COPE Preparedness Board of Directors

James Pellegrini – President
Fred Mercer – Secretary
Roozy Moabery – Treasurer
Stacy Gerlich
Nathan A. Wolfstein IV – Chair, COPE Advisory Committee

In cases where local community government agencies are not activated, COPE is capable of activating, responding to or supporting field level command posts at the request of the incident or unified command in order to coordinate donations management.

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